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#ironmind A Winner Again

The second and concluding episode of Bressie's Ironmind was received yet again with a tremendous reaction from viewers, and was for the second sunday in a row the top trend in Ireland for more than four hours. The programme bore witness to the incredible courage of the cast - Colm McCormack, Jade Hoynes, Mark Foley and Orla Connolly - who dealt with their own mental health issues and tackled issues that have before now been taboo on Irish television. The show was also among the top 5 shows on catchup on the RTE Player for the next 24 hours too. The series which was conceived by Niall 'Bressie' Breslin, Directed by Matthew Kirrane and Series Produced by Playmaker's Ciaran O' Hara has gone some distance in placing Mental health and emotional wellness at the centre of Irish life.

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